The Story Of IdeaHouse Studios

I come from multiple disciplines. I started writing fiction at age six. I began experimenting with film production in my early teens. Journalism caught my fancy after I graduated from university, and the business of getting my writing viewed turned into a love for design and marketing. In this day and age, it’s common to go through the carousel of skill sets that I have, but when I stopped to look around recently — I’m a father and I appreciate the quiet moments now — I noticed a serious dearth of people using their technical skills to start their own businesses. I didn’t want to be one of them. So, I started IdeaHouse Studios. This is my baby, much in the same way my father’s baby was once an antique shop under the L-Train in Kensington. I’m using my knowledge of journalism, content writing and SEO — knowledge I’ve gleaned from years of working for massive websites — to formally bring you a service that will populating your channels with the kind of content that will drive audiences in droves. And, I’m doing it for a fair price. Too many content marketing companies and firms are breaking your bank to get your work or business online, and it’s not conducive to the market. You shouldn’t have to be raking in thousands upon thousands of dollars every day to have an online presence, especially if you’re just starting out. So, this is the start my friends. IdeaHouse Studios is officially open for business! Shoot me an email. Send me a message on Twitter or fill out a contact form for more information. Just talk to me. That’s what business is all about: communication. Let’s chat — maybe we can help each other.