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The Story from the beginning

Scroll down, and you shall hear a tale of adventure, high seas, treasure, and ultimately, destiny... Okay it's mostly about marketing, but this sounded awesome! Right?!

Written By:

Dariel Figueroa, Founder & Director of IdeaHouse Studios



IdeaHouse Studios was born out of necessity. As a young fiction writer and journalist, I had no clue what SEO was until my first big writing gig back in 2010. Fresh out of University, it was mind-boggling to me that I couldn’t just knock out 2,000 words of prose and call it a day. The truth is, even then, it has always been important to not only create great content, but to ensure that your work isn’t lost in the myriad of content that gets published every single minute! On-page and off-page SEO became my friend, and as I embarked on my content creation career — writing for big platforms like Heavy, Paste Magazine, Fansided and UPROXX — I began incorporating other marketing elements into my repertoire. These elements included customer retention management, social listening, detailed marketing strategy, and more.



I picked up some invaluable skills along the way too, sharpening my talents in web and graphic design, coding, sales and networking. In 2013, I began working for an insurance broker, and I used all the talents and skills I had gleaned up to that point to help propel the business onto the first page of results for Google. Later, at UPROXX, I’d craft content for some of the largest companies in the world: HBO, Comedy Central, Hennessy, AMC TV and more. That brings us to today. IdeaHouse is more than just a marketing agency — it’s a conduit. Think of IdeaHouse Studios as the lighting rod for your dreams. Our primary goal is to understand your business, your persona, and then craft content that speaks to your audience from your own unique truth.



Every business has a story: from the employees to the care customers receive during their first interaction. Let’s work together to bring out THAT narrative, and to shine — never embellish — a spotlight on what makes you tick as a creative entrepreneur. Together, we’re going to find your “why,” and when we do, we’ll craft the kind of quality digital content that firmly establishes your brand in the marketplace. Through a mixture of proven content marketing and smart social media tactics, focused on providing value to the lives of your consumers, we’ll solidify your brand as a thought leader, increase the awareness surrounding your business and products, and build a foundation for your future. Unlike many forms of marketing, content marketing is focused on the long game — with a little patience, and a lot of consistency, you’ll eventually bypass the ebb and flow of the market until winning is an everyday occurrence!

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Right now, young creatives all around the world are becoming wealthy because they understand the fundamentals of the concepts we put into play.

But, you don’t have to miss this incredible wave of momentum behind the content marketing and social media marketing phenomenon. This is by no means a young person’s game! Anyone can apply the principals, tactics and strategies IdeaHouse Studios already has in place.

Don’t become the creative that looks back with regret. Take advantage of the digital channels that are available to you now! Make your voice and brand heard! Become more than just a product or service — become a leader in your chosen market and field! IdeaHouse Studios will help you get there.

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