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Our Services

Here are the bulk of our offerings. If you want something not listed here, ask us! 

IdeaHouse Studio’s CEO & Founder Dariel Figueroa is well-versed in all forms of Digital Marketing — if it’s not something he is able to do, he has affiliations with other services that can get your project done with care and immediacy.


Web Content Writing

SEO optimized blogs, landing pages, ebooks, white papers, email copy, How-To articles, researched articles, interviews, long-form & short form content, newsletters & more…


Web Design

Desktop & mobile sites (we created this one!), landing page design, email design, 3-6 page newsletter design, WordPress/Wix/Squarespace design & more…

Web Content Production

Short videos and slideshows, podcasts, infographics, company logos, social media headers and banners, Ad graphics, mind maps, learning modules & more…

PPC Advertising

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter advertising. Google Adwords. Keyword Research. Creative Targeting & more…


Content & Social Strategy

One-to-six month strategy plans built upon your business or brand’s mission statement, catered to your goals, desires and targets.


Social Media Promotion

Digital content pushed and promoted through social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & more…

COntent Is King

Marketing is like technology — and also very much tied to it — in that it goes through phases. Sometimes video is the champion of marketing, as it is now, other times it’s all about crafting the proper funnels with solid SEO. One thing is for sure, though: high-quality content ALWAYS works.

IdeaHouse Studios is not the biggest digital marketing agency in the land, but what we do, we do extremely well. Try us out for a month, and you’ll see just how far your small business can go with IdeaHouse Studios.

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

What makes IdeaHouse Studios different from the other digital marketing agencies? We actually put concentrated time, effort and a decade of practice behind every one of our marketing strategies and pieces of content.

We’re not a cookie-cutter organization that hands off its work to an intern, or a jaded employee that automates your project with a few templates. We build original content from the ground up. With IdeaHouse Studios, you can expect phenomenal results, because we take GREAT PRIDE in everything we do! Contact us today for a quote, and experience the IdeaHouse Studios difference!