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 Cast & Crew

As a creative, first and foremost, I wanted to create a task force that could support an individual, or group of like-minded creatives, that wanted simply to focus on their passion and not the excess work in getting their product to market. I understand how all-consuming content and product creation can be--consider us as the business side of your passion project. We're the in-house marketing team you always wanted to have, just way more affordable, and much more effective.

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Dariel Figueroa

Founder, CEO IdeaHouse Studios

Meet The Team

Creatives helping creatives. That's what 

IdeaHouse Studios

is about.

We're following our passion, and now we want to help you follow yours. There's no greater freedom in the world than being your own boss, owning your own day, selling your own product, designing your OWN FUTURE

Let us help you

Let us help you craft and polish your vision. Let us help you take your IDEA and bring it to fruition!

Whether you're a music producer working on a beat tape, a rapper working on a new album, a stay-at-home-mom working on an online craft store, or a budding creative entrepreneur starting his or her first business, we can help you get the results you want without breaking the bank.

Consider us the marketing ninjas in your back pocket. We're the in-house marketing team you wanted to hire but thought you couldn't afford. 

We'll help you strategize, produce video content, create facebook ads, promote on social channels--and so much more--all while getting your messaging to the consumers that you want and need to target. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how IdeaHouse Studios can help you and your passion project or small business succeed in today's market.


(*That Pay The Bills... of course.)

Web Content Writing
Social Media Marketing
Photography & Film Production
Film Editing
Web Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing Strategy
Audio Production
Email Marketing
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